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Our Church Vision


We are a church that meets people were they are and introduce them to the

Love, Joy, Peace and above all the Salvation that comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

Our Church Mission


Greater Garth is on a mission: To know God, Seek out the lost, Liberate the

oppressed and Serve those in need.

Our History


Greater Garth Chapel AMEC Historical Sketch


Out of a deep desire to meet the needs of a developing African-American community, Greater Garth Chapel AME Church was birthed from the spirit of Mrs. Fannie Garth in early 1912.  Down on Bexar and Anderson Streets in South Dallas the Son of God was shining upon this small congregation, which focused on ministering primarily to women and children.


With a donation of lumber, Mrs. Fannie Garth and the members worked with their hands and received labor donations to complete the first church on May 16, 1912 at 2530 Anderson Street.  There the church continued to thrive and prosper under different leaders and through difficult times.  In the late 1950’s under the leadership of Reverend E. F. Hutcheson, and expansionary new vision began to be birthed.  The church needed to be enlarged in its present location or move to another site.


In 1959 the present site on Carpenter Avenue was secured.  With just a small house on the back lot, the pastor and members broke ground on a 400-seat sanctuary and administration wing in early 1960.  One of the amazing historical notes mentioned at the ground-breaking was that the church leadership was already making plans to build two additional units: a Recreation Center and an Education Building for adult education.  On Sunday, June 18, 1961 Reverend Hutcheson along with the officers and members presented the church for dedication by Bishop William Franklin Ball, the Presiding Bishop of the Tenth Episcopal District.  Today, the church continues to grow and thrive at this location on nearly an acre of land.  In 1978 the church acquired a house on its west side.  The Fannie E. Garth Community House presently serves as a ministry center for the Community Kitchen and Community Closet ministries as well as the Christian Education Ministries of the Church.


Throughout its history, many great Pastors have served Greater Garth Chapel.  Some are still living, and seven have gone on to become Presiding Elders.  The Pastors who have served Greater Garth Chapel are as follows:



Reverend J. E. Manigo   (The first Pastor of Garth)          

Reverend L. S. Caradine

Reverend J. Henry Hardeman  (Built the first Garth Chapel)  

Reverend W. M. McGraw

Reverend J. A. Comey                                                      

Reverend L. C. Brown

Reverend R. L. H. Rice                                                      

Reverend Garfie  

Reverend Long                                                                 

Reverend V. T. Thompson* (Completed old church)

Reverend W. A. Garland

Reverend F. D. Thomas*

Reverend H. F. Dodson*

Reverend E. F. Hutcheson*

Reverend S. V. Johnson

Reverend L. M. McCloney*

Reverend Merrell Johnson*                                               

Reverend O, J. Spruiells

Reverend Revel B. Simpson

Reverend Charles Lee     

Reverend William M. Campbell, Jr.

Reverend Darrell G. Caldwell, Sr.*

Reverend Michael Waters

Reverend Elliott C. Lambert

Rev. Vivian Buckley – Associate Minister

(Completed the work of Rev. Elliott Lambert after his homegoing in 2011)

Reverend Mary Quinn Miller

Reverend Dwayne Hysmith, Sr.

Reverend Doctor Challis Bradford - Currently

*NOTE:  Pastors appointed Presiding Elders

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